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Learn more. To get married in Queensland, at least 1 partner must be 18 or older. The first step is to decide where you want to be married:. Complete and lodge your notice of intended marriage application form with your registered celebrant, at least 1 month or up to 18 months before you get married. Your registered celebrant will discuss with you what they need to see—your identity and eligibility documents. After your wedding ceremony your registered celebrant is responsible for registering your marriage on your behalf. If you do not complete the notice of intended marriage application form with your registered celebrant, you both must sign the application form in the presence of a qualified witness. You must still lodge it with your registered celebrant and show them your identity and eligibility documents. If you plan to get married overseas, check with the consulate of the country before you go to see if you need a letter of no record of marriage in Queensland.

HIV Disclosure & the Law in QLD

Trust accounting is a simple form of bookkeeping used exclusively for trust transactions. It is the recording by a trustee of the receipt and payment of other people’s money into individual trust ledger accounts maintained for the person from or on whose behalf the money was received. This section provides Queensland Law Society QLS members with information and tools to assist in the understanding and operation of trust accounts and the legislative requirements of doing such.

It includes an overview of the legislative requirements of trust accounting processes, a voluntary check list to assist external examiner’s determine whether a law practice has complied with its legislative obligations, and an external examiner’s program to guide accountants to properly discharge their duties when external examining solicitors’ trust accounts.

Date: 24 April The regulation-making power is broad as it allows for regulations to be made under both the Act itself or the Retail Shop Leases Act (Qld) in relation to a “relevant lease” in response to the COVID emergency.

Any sexual activity without your agreement is unlawful. The legal age for consent for having sex in Queensland is This strict age limit is in place to help protect you from harm. Find out more about when I can have sex. If someone tries to have sex with you without your agreement this may be considered sexual assault or rape and you should report it to the police.

You can also get support from a range of sexual assault support services. Strict age limits apply for when you can legally have sex. These apply to people in same-sex and heterosexual relationships, and are designed to protect you from harm from older people. This includes:. There are some other situations where sexual activity with a person is considered to be even more serious.

Introduction and dating agency industry regulation

Understand your responsibilities as a liquor or gaming licensee to help manage the effects of coronavirus COVID in Queensland. OLGRlicensing justice. Stay up to date with your requirements for operating licensed premises in Queensland during the coronavirus health emergency. Search our Food and Beverage Supplier Directory to find businesses and caterers that supply products grown, made or produced in Queensland.

Find assistance and support for coronavirus affected businesses and industries.

Stay up to date with all news and useful information about renting in Queensland. From changes in For media enquiries, please email [email protected] Image Smoke alarm laws – what you need to know in Queensland. Ensure the​.

A lifejacket is a vital piece of safety equipment that could save your life. The best idea is to make sure you wear it. Put the lifejacket on as part of your pre-trip preparation. It is a lot harder to put a lifejacket on in the water during an emergency. These lifejackets have more flotation than a Level lifejacket. They are bulky lifejackets designed to keep the body afloat for long periods. They have reflective tape and a whistle to attract attention.

How and for what reason can I adjourn a Queensland court date?

Deciding to have sex with someone is an important decision. If you think that you are ready to have sex, it is important that you are aware of the different laws about how old you have to be to have sex, and to understand what the law means by sex. Before you have sex, you should talk to a health professional about how to practice safe sex and to make sure you are fully aware of the risks of practising unsafe sex.

This section provides Queensland Law Society (QLS) members with information and tools to assist in the understanding and Never miss an important date.

These national changes apply to gift cards supplied to consumers on or after 1 November Cards and vouchers sold before 1 November continue to have the same expiry period and applicable fees as at the time of purchase. After 1 November , if terms and conditions of a gift card do not comply with the reforms they will be void and the new requirements will be applied regardless of what is written on the gift card. The law requires that most gift cards or vouchers be sold with a mandatory minimum expiry period of three years.

The period begins from the date a gift card is sold to a consumer. Businesses can choose to apply an expiry period longer than three years and no maximum expiry period applies. Gift cards must prominently display the expiry date as either the full date or as a period of time. For example:. If the expiry date is shown as a period of time it must also include the date it was supplied or purchased so the expiry date can be determined.

The ban does not cover fees that a business can charge as part of a sale to cover the cost of processing a payment. Post purchase fees do not include:. The law applies to all gift cards or vouchers sold on or after 1 November , unless specifically excluded. This includes gift cards for online stores that trade in Australia. In addition, the ACCC has the ability to impose infringement notices.

Current local laws

Local government elections and two state by-elections are still slated to go ahead, but the Queensland Government now has the power to postpone them under laws that went through Parliament last night. At this stage, Queensland’s local government elections are to be held across the state for March Overnight Queensland Parliament passed legislation that allows the State Government unprecedented power to change the election date of the upcoming local government elections.

In Queensland, the age of consent is It is never ok for a person to have sex with a person under 16 years old. However, there is one.

Novel Coronavirus: visit the Queensland Government website for the latest updates and alerts. Local government general elections are held every four years, and on the same date for all 77 councils across Queensland. By-elections can also be held to fill councillor vacancies that occur between elections. The Electoral Commission of Queensland is the independent authority set up to ensure impartial and democratic elections in Queensland, including local government elections.

For more information on elections and candidate obligations contact the Electoral Commission of Queensland. Candidates must complete mandatory So you want to be a councillor? The training is currently closed and will be re-opened prior to any councillor by-elections. They also cannot use communications such as newsletters to help the campaigns of current councillors standing for re-election.

The caretaker period applies from the date of the notice of the election until the election is declared. Skip links and keyboard navigation Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer.

Ages of consent in Oceania

In , Queensland started compulsory registration of life events. We hold records of life events births, deaths and marriages that took place in Queensland between and present day. Historical records are:. This is a free electronic newsletter. You can subscribe by providing your name and email address. You can also change your details and unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive the family history bulletin.

concerning conduct/behaviour of colleagues. • maintain an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of, implement and comply with, student protection policies.

Learn more. Find out about introduction agents or dating agencies. Get details of eligibility criteria and how to apply for an introduction agent licence. Find out what happens if you break the law. Find out how to check that an introduction agent has a valid licence. You can do a search on our free online licensing register. Find and download the forms that you must fill out when you apply for an introduction agent licence.

Please note that we charge fees with some forms. Home Your rights, crime and the law Laws, regulated industries and accountability Queensland laws and regulations Regulated industries and licensing Regulated industries, licensing and legislation Personal services industries regulation Introduction and dating agency industry regulation. Introduction and dating agency industry regulation Get an introduction agent licence Find out about introduction agents or dating agencies.

Introduction agent industry breaches and penalties Find out what happens if you break the law. Work in the introduction and dating agency industry Cooling-off period for introduction agent contracts Introduction agreement Introduction industry conduct Disqualifying offences for introduction licences More Update, change or renew a dating agent licence Update your introduction agent licence Renew or restore your introduction agent licence Replace your introduction agent licence Transfer to a Queensland introduction agent licence.

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