How to Date Your Grandfather Clock

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How To Set Up An Antique Longcase/Grandfather Clock Five Components Firstly radiators or other sources of heat due to the possibility of damage to the case. This can usually be done from the front of the dial by moving the date ring or.

The Met Fifth Ave opens August The Met Cloisters opens September Your health is our top priority. Edward Duffield American. This clock possesses a sophisticated weight-powered movement that runs for eight days and chimes on the hour. Duffield was a leading Philadelphia clockmaker known for his friendship with Benjamin Franklin. Public Domain. This artwork is meant to be viewed from right to left. Scroll left to view more.

Grandfather clock

Determining the age of a grandfather clock requires that you become familiar with traditional clock case materials and the country of origin of your particular clock. Grandfather clocks can be from the early 18th century to the 21st century. You can determine the date of some clocks within a year of their manufacture from the serial number on the dial by their maker; clocks from unrecognized makers will need to be dated by an expert.

The oldest clocks, which date back to roughly , are primarily British and usually have cases made of maple or oak. A clock with a mahogany case can usually be dated to the midth century, as this wood was not imported into the United Kingdom before then. To determine the age of your clock, first verify that you have a grandfather clock, as opposed to a wall-mounted clock.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR LONG-CASE CLOCK SETTING UP 6) Set the date by moving the large date disc, positioned behind the dial, manually forward. If it won’​t.

If you are to download this information please do so, but also please feel free to phone us or contact us regarding any help that you might require, even though the information may be quite informative it is quite easy to damage the mechanism of a long case clock and this repair work might be quite expensive to undertake. It is nearly always desirable to fix your Antique long case clock or grandfather clock to the wall.

If this is not done, apart from the risk of its being knocked over, when the weights are roughly half way down nearly level with the pendulum bob , they will pick up its motion and rock from side to side and result in the pendulum stopping. On a solid floor it is sometimes possible to avoid fixing the clock to the wall by just chocking up the front feet approximately three-eights of an inch off the floor.

The weight of the clock will then be thrown back against the wall and make it relatively stable. A longcase clock is usually best situated flat against the wall as opposed to across a corner. It can be fixed there by screwing a piece of timber approximately eight-by-two-by-one inches horizontally to the wall and then fixing the clock to this. Should your skirting board be thicker than one inch, the piece of timber will have to be increased in thickness correspondingly.

The case may be conveniently fixed to the piece of wood, either behind the hood, or more simply, behind the trunk door. Frequently there are holes already in the back of the case. In such instances the batten can be fixed at the same height. When a clock has to be set up across a corner, a bracket such as that shown in Figure 2 should be used.

Place the movement in the clock case, preferably with the lines which hold the weights fully extended. Get a second person to hold the clock movement while one of the weights is put on to steady it.

Dating a Grandfather Clock

Tall Case Clock Dating Only a few custom-built grandfather clocks were made after this date. Some case features – – – Early clock trunk doors fit flush inside the door opening, from. English Longcase This chart will give an approximate date for your painted dial longcase clock. Dating chart.

The tall case clock experienced its golden age in Baroque England from circa to First made for the monarchy, early tall case clocks were constructed.

Popular Pages. Maine Digest Ads. Man at Arms Ads. Index of Offerings. Historical Treasures Portraits, Paintings, Mirrors, etc. Distinct stylistic, ornamental, and construction details support a strong attribution to Nathan Lombard The cherry case with mahogany banding features chevron stringing and stylized foliate ornamentation; all characteristics of Lombard’s inlays and shop traditions. The urn and foliate motifs issuing crossing vines, tulip heads, rosettes and droplet-shaped leaf inlays relate it to those found on several desk- and – bookcases attributed to Lombard see Jobe and Pearce, “Sophistication in Rural Massachusetts: The Inlaid Cherry Furniture of Nathan Lombard” in Beckerdite, American Furniture , p.

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Final form is more ornate and provide a center. But by the end of grandfather clocks from. History of informed research, by howard miller, light oak longcase clock that i will typically has been replaced by webb chamberlyne. Ebonized-Oak cased, with silvered dial and details include painted dial.

Estimating the age of your antique clock can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help in dating Antique Clocks using the clock case, movement and hands.

By Lockwood Barr — March 9th, The following piece focuses on clockmakers in the U. It originally appeared in the December issue of American Collector magazine Volume IX Number 11 , a publication which ran from and served antique collectors and dealers. Tall case clocks represented two crafts; that of the clockmaker who worked in metal and that of the cabinetmaker who worked in wood.

In 18th-Century England and Europe, the two were sometimes combined in one man. More often, however, the clockmaker merely supervised the making of the case. These fine clocks, each one a masterpiece, were so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them.

Dating antique grandfather clocks

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Today, their shop is filled with clocks dating from the ‘s to the Among the important tall-case clocks at the shop is an early ‘s R.

Michael Gainey’s. Master Clock Repair. Columbus, Ohio. Including How to Set Them. History and Use. Before we tackle how to set the moon dial it might help if you are aware of its purpose, tradition and history. After reading the wealth of information below you will be able to i mpress your friends and neighbors with how knowledgeable you are when they ask you what that thing is on the top of your clock.

The moon dial or lunar phase dial is not of any practical use to most of us in our modern times. Its place on current production grandfather clocks is more out of a sense of tradition than anything else. Our concept of dividing time is based on the length of time it takes for the earth to travel around the sun. The month, week, day, hour and minute are simply smaller and smaller divisions of that amount of time. The work of most clocks is to simply keep track of the hour and minute.

Others add a second hand and still others will tell us the day of the month. Those that do tell us the day of the month rarely take into account the differing lengths of our months some 31 days, some 30, one 28 which is sometimes 29 and have to be reset manually most months to compensate for this.

English Tall Case Clock ”Striking the hour”