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This week on Love Syncs: You can still date from a distance. Here’s how to get to know someone when you’re stuck in quarantine. There’s a problem, though: As much as you’d like to meet up with an interesting new person who you might like to date, there’s a global pandemic. Odds are you can’t or shouldn’t cram yourselves into a small corner booth at the bar and discuss your favorite seasons of Parks and Recreation. To say the least, online daters are just one group of many who are trying to figure out how to carry on with their usual habits at a time when nothing has been usual, thanks to the coronavirus crisis. Even several months in, folks are still grappling with how to work and attend school from home, not to mention getting a line on hard-to-find yeast. For daters, they’re sorting out how to not only look for love but build a relationship with a screen in the way, perhaps more than it usually is.

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Being single in any major city is a struggle. Swiping non-stop on dating apps like Tinder seems like a dead end. Museums are now helping art-lovers find their true love. The Museum of Sex also hosts speed-date events for those who would like to avoid the awkwardness of the first date. Here is a list of dating events hosted by museums:.

Museum of Moving Image, 35th Ave, Singles Dating NYC, A Movie and Dinner Night Connect in your favorite movies.

As any regular on the single scene knows, meeting men who are cool, cultured and hot too isn’t easy, but thankfully new research has isolated exactly where such men hang out. Guys who indulge in cultural activities such as concerts, the theatre, museums, galleries and even the cinema are likely to be in better shape mentally and physically than those who don’t. The study published in a book entitled, The Long Work Hours Culture, looked at 51, adults and found men were happier and healthier if they were active observers of culture via live music, art galleries and other similar venues instead.

Researchers looked at health, satisfaction with life, anxiety and depression levels of volunteers before coming to their conclusion. Professor Cary Cooper, a leading psychologist at Lancaster University Management School believes absorbing culture rather than creating it is less stressful, and this is why men who enjoy a trip to the museum are less stressed and sexier because of it.

Girls, on the other hand do benefit when going to galleries and museums but the study found we’re not as fortunate as the fellas and it won’t have the same effect. Women gain more from being creative rather that observing someone else’s creativity. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories.

Date Night with Don Draper: Museum of Brands Lates Review

On view at the Getty Center is the art collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum , which includes: preth-century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, and decorative arts; 19th- and 20th-century American and international photographs; contemporary and modern sculpture; Robert Irwin’s Central Garden, designed specifically for the Getty Center.

The North Pavilion presents paintings dating up to , as well as medieval and Renaissance sculpture and decorative arts. The East Pavilion features primarily 17th-century Baroque art, including Dutch, French, Flemish, and Spanish paintings, as well as sculpture and Italian decorative arts dating from to

Speed-dating singles were supposed to use short drawing exercises as their ice breakers at El Segundo Museum of Art. The only catch? No men.

Online reservations required. Purchase tickets here. The Concord Museum preserves an exceptional collection of about 30, Native American archaeological artifacts, predominantly stone tools, recovered in Concord and surrounding towns. For the majority of these artifacts the site from which they were recovered is known, making the Concord Museum collection unique in New England. To a considerable degree, all that is known about the Native Americans who lived in the Concord area — their hunting, fishing, farming, wood-working, and migratory practices — is known through the material in this collection.

Henry David Thoreau was the first known artifact collector in Concord, noting in his journal the various forms of stone tools he found in meadows and along the rivers. Throughout the 19th century, local farmers and residents picked up Native American tools found as they worked or walked the fields. Most collectors meticulously numbered each artifact keeping notebooks with the names of the find sites, an indication of the seriousness with which they took collecting.

Benjamin Lincoln Smith, an archaeologist and Concord resident, created one of the major collections at the Museum of about 5, artifacts collected in the s to s. Smith, who helped found the Massachusetts Archaeological Society, excavated the Shell Heap site, a 5,year-old midden trash pile in Concord along the banks of the Sudbury River. Other major collections in the Concord Museum were made by Adams Tolman and his wife Harriette from comprising almost 6, artifacts, and by Alfred W.

While artifacts found by past Concord residents tell us of the existence of Native American communities in places now built on, amateur collecting as a hobby today destroys information that archaeologists need to interpret the past. Artifacts are most valuable in the ground where their positions can be plotted and associations noted in controlled excavations, providing the basic data for interpreting past cultures. After decades of work, Shirley Blancke has now completed a catalog of the 30, objects in the Concord Museum archaeological collection.

5 Reasons Museums Are the Best Place For a First Date

Speed dating event a Museum of World Treasures will host a fun pop-up event this month for people age 21 and over: speed dating!. Add to Chrome. Sign in.

Being single in any major city is a struggle. Swiping non-stop on dating apps like Tinder seems like a dead end. Museums are now helping.

You feel obliged. Overlooking Central Park and… a Martini Bar, the venue is set for your first date. With mouthwatering food and delicious cocktails, what could possibly go wrong? So the first date went well, and you are keen not to get your mutual friends involved just yet, lest they ruin the whole experience for you.

The second date is tricky — you must keep them interested. This date is one that will subconsciously test you both, on levels you will only think about while you text your friends on the subway home. Correct, but not just any library. This library is a wealth of creativity. Working with The Sketchbook Project, the library has collected a vast array of sketchbooks by hundreds of international artists.

Each sketchbook is barcoded and individually searchable by different terms: the artist, the location made, a specific topic or even the materials used. Well hold on there, this is

A Social App that Combines Dating and Museum Visiting Experiences

This is a small project to fund Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS radiocarbon dating and a pilot study of wooden boat frame fragments from the University of Alaskas Museum of the North Birnirk collection; Birnirk is an early Inuit civilization of the north coast of Alaska. In the spring of the PI identified six umiak fragments from the Birnirk site Barrow, Alaska as fragments of a single boat assemblage.

The significance of these findings is that skin boat frame assemblages are extremely rare in the circumpolar archaeological record; in situ fragments such as those described, in such quantity and from what appears to be fairly early origin, possibly as early as AD, makes these fragments potentially the oldest known umiak frame assemblage in the Arctic.

In order to understand geological processes, we need to envision time periods far greater than the hourly, daily, and yearly progression that dominates our.

London is home to the best museum lates in the country giving people the chance to combine after work drinks with cultural intrigue at the most iconic venues. The real kicker to a museum lates date? The unspoken naughtiness of it all. With the series finale hot on our heels, we ventured to The Museum of Brands for a Mad Men themed furore into the history of advertising.

My date arrived with the air of a seasoned Don Draper. Stand-out favourite: the wall of TVs and radios, giving a living room feel to the museum space.

Atlanta Museum’s ‘Dating’ App Matches Visitors With Artwork

The date to find a date has shifted! Given its mingly nature, we need to be comfortably in Alert Level 1 before we can safely hold this event. If you already have a ticket, sit tight and our bookings team will send out a new ticket much closer to the time. They say all good things come to those who wait.

BookExpo has introduced Speed Dating events to ensure that you have the books your customers are looking for. By signing up for our Muesum and Specialty.

What if the awkward silence on a first date turned into a moment of contemplation of an art piece? How much better would that date be if there was actually a reason to keep quiet other than the lack of topics of conversation? Be ready to discover a game-changer in the dating game: museums! Some of the best museums are free! But most big cities have some amazing museums that would make the perfect first date setting and some of them are free.

Art gives you something to talk about. In fact, whether you go to a modern art exhibition or to see an astronomy installation at the Science Museum, you will get conversation inputs everywhere you look. It shows that you care. If you had a chance to get to know your date a little bit before meeting them in person, then you might already know enough about them to choose a museum that they will love.

Museums are full of love. Love is the greatest inspiration for all artists and, wherever you look in a museum, you will find paintings, sculptures or installations that will hit a soft spot in your heart. Hopefully, your date will feel the same. Smart is sexy.

KU Research: Speed Dating Edition

Fresh ideas from museums around the globe in your inbox each week. Over the autumn of , the High, as it is known in the city, was in the final preparations of a complete reinstallation its works. The way they did so seems so simple that it is a wonder that other galleries have not tried the approach out before.

Speed dating is so last year – why not try our ‘Carbon Dating‘ instead? Amongst the dinosaur bones, our host will put guests into pairs for timed challenges -.

Or is Monet more your style? Perhaps Rothko is the must-see. Heartmatch , a new app developed by the Shannon Landing Amos head of museum interpretation Julia Forbes , manager of web and new media Ivey Rucket and their colleagues at the High, is taking inspiration from the Tinder-esque matching method and bringing it to the art world. The idea is to help guide visitors, who may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of artifacts on view. Heartmatch works by highlighting the galleries in which liked artworks reside, noting how many of them are housed in the Stent Family Wing, the Wieland Pavilion and the Anne Cox Chambers Wing, respectively.

Meanwhile, Ettore Sottsass Jr. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

Can dating app technology work for Art Museums?

Mobile apps are used not only to share or have information on social platforms but also to socialise and meet basic human needs. Mobile apps have an incontrovertible potential to provide not only interpersonal communication among users but also help for cultural institutions to communicate and create an attraction for their target audiences. This paper presents the design process of a social mobile app, Acht, which aims to gamify a museum experience with a dating feature.

Using the example of the Madhya Pradesh tribal Museum in Bhopal, India, the following article deals with a romantic user interest in museums: as a meeting.

The news is alarming. It is a January evening, Friday the 13th — a nightmare dating scenario. Eight women mill about the museum lobby, carefully dressed and nervously snacking on a cheese and veggie platter laid out beside bottles of Champagne and wine. The clock ticks 10 minutes past p. A few men walk past the picture window on Main Street, but none turns and enters. Hogan, now sure that no surprise attendees are in store, finally breaks the ice by gathering the women together and stating the obvious.

The point of the night, after all, is to meet people and make art. After a bit of embarrassed laughter, the mood lightens up. Each portrait would take about eight minutes before people switched partners. I find out if someone is who he says he is. With rows of massive TV screens, more than craft beers and a rock-themed beer garden, the restaurant is a bit of a macho magnet. The women are here because they are hoping to avoid another night at the bar. They are also tired of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid.

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